What if no one knew anything about you?

Imagine you have an old friend who owns a small business, and she performs some complex professional service for other businesses.

She’s phenomenal at what she does! When someone retains her, really does great. She has a unique perspective, incredible experience and personal habits that make her the ideal choice for companies that are experiencing the kinds of problems she can solve.

Now imagine she won’t talk about it.

First of all, she’s like a cook who doesn’t use recipes, she can’t remember most of the details about how she gets the right end result. Then she’s uncomfortable talking about what she does remember…says she doesn’t want to “toot her own horn.”

What do you think will happen to her business?

One thing is for sure – she’ll never grow. She might survive, but she will never be able to drive consistency or predictability into her business, and she’ll always be dependent on luck or other people’s good graces for her next paying gig.


She lacks the story to bring power to her business development.

1. No one will know why she’s different. Unless they know her as well as you do, they will have virtually no way (short of digging it out of her in person) of knowing why they should even consider her, much less choose her instead of some other service provider.

Any competitor with a better story will get initial consideration and closed deals faster.

2. She’ll have no one out evangelizing for her. If she doesn’t know her own story, and can’t or won’t relate it, she’ll never have anyone that will carry her message to their sphere of influence because people don’t tell stories they don’t understand!

Any competitor with a better story will get more word-of-mouth leads.

3. In the mosh pit of competition for open needs, she’ll have no basis (other than price and availability) to compete. If she doesn’t see the opportunities, gets there too late, or there are other providers with even a tiny bit more to offer, she’ll lose available opportunities and probably never even know why.

Any competitor with a better story will be able to compete on values-based grounds while she’s forced to lower her price or take unfavorable circumstances to win deals.

4. She can only market at the ‘point of sale.’ She’s literally not useful to people unless they are precisely at the buying point and looking for something she can provide.

Any competitor with a better story has a wealth of opportunities to connect with her potential clients before and after the selling point; next time they will win facing much less competition.

In short, every single business that wants to get and keep customers had better be in the business of knowing, refining and telling their story so that their customers, the market and their staff are all aware WHY they are a top choice.

If your friend doesn’t do that, she’ll be out of business in no time.

She’ll probably have to give up her dreams of business ownership and go get a job. Only guess what – today she may not be able to. Because (as you probably know by now) getting a job ain’t what it used to be.

After all, (as one of my mentors, Perry Marshall, says) it’s not how good you are that matters. It’s how well you communicate how good you are.

What about you Mr. or Mrs. Job Seeker?

How’s your story?

Most of my clients have NO IDEA what their story is. They can’t remember the details of what they did, haven’t figured out what makes them unique, can’t write down what they’ve accomplished, can’t talk about themselves in clear, compelling ways without feeling like a bad used car salesman.

They don’t know how to create long-term value or credibility, or how to get people to know and like them or communicate with them before the actual moment a job opens up…


Only they can’t just bag it and go do something else!!

I mean, my average client makes $82,000 per year…you can’t replace that by giving up and getting a job at Starbucks or Walmart. If that’s you too, then you don’t have a lot of choices.

Sorting out, refining and learning how and when to tell your story isn’t optional. You either do it, or wait around for someone to discover you by accident.

The good news is that even though it can take a while, the process is pretty predictable. I have the tools, the success rate and the marketing know-how to help you.


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