Note to those stressed about a job hunt…

Or building a business, or managing a team…

Really they are all the same – us fighting our internal demons and trying to grow our personal capacity so that our results grow too.

This note is for anyone who’s in a tough spot today.

Remember…it’s a journey…

What you know today will make you laugh at how naive you were 5 years from now…

Don’t stress because of where you aren’t. Every man-jack-one of us is NOT somewhere we’d like to be. Or as good as we’d like to be, or as committed…you aren’t the only one obsessing about the mistakes you’re beating yourself up over that you think are personal indicators of something awful inside you.

The people who make it in life are the ones who:

  1. Love themselves right where they are.
  2. Admit their weaknesses and learn to manage them.
  3. Play to their strengths.Your potential exists!
  4. Learn to separate what’s productive from what makes them feel good.
  5. Refuse to go to bed every night until they’ve made a little progress.

My coach has me think to myself, “I’m worthy, I’m capable and people need me.”

I know the same is true for you…you are worthy of success. You are capable. People CAN AND DO need what you have to offer.

Not everyone. Some of them…

  • Will be past where you are -  and that’s OK.
  • Will not be able to afford you – and that’s OK.
  • Won’t get you – and that’s OK.

But some CAN AND DO need what you have to offer.

Your only job is to build a system of internal beliefs and external expressions of those beliefs that help you FIND those who need you as fast and inexpensively as possible.

Along the way, if you’re willing to try, fail, then get up and try again, you’ll become better at what you do.

And as you get better, even more people will need you.

But one of the things that regularly gets in people’s way is how the FEEL about themselves…they hate feeling inadequate, so they stop trying. Then they feel inadequate and guilty too…double your displeasure.

Please – if you’re prone to self-flagellation…

Take some cues with lessons from my journey:

Be FearlessStop expecting perfection. Laugh at yourself a lot. Try big, risky things that will make people think you’re nuts. Fail with pride in what you’re learning. Think differently than you ever have. Keep your eyes, heart and hands open.

Realize that a lot of the things you’re trying to get past by emoting guilt or

But most of all just keep moving.

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